AgafiaDolls Custom Made to Order Mask

250.00 - 650.00

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Do you dream of beautiful textile masks for your Blythe doll but lack the time or ability to bring your vision to life?
AgafiaDolls is thrilled to offer custom, made-to-order textile masks for your Blythe dolls!

Agafia, the artist and creator behind AgafiaDolls will work alongside you to create the unique mask of your dreams.
Your Blythe doll will be dressed to impress in a fun and whimsical mask with your artistic vision!

During the design process, we will learn about your vision and story to gain inspiration.
Additionally, you will be able to make critical design choices, including colors, textiles, accessories, and what you’re Blythe doll is saying.

Let’s get started on a beautifully unique textile mask for your Blythe doll!

Once full payment is received, we will begin collaborating and creating a sketch of your dream mask.
The initial sketch will be based on the subject, colors, and reference photos you provide.

If you choose not to move forward after the sketch, your money will be refunded in full.
If you are dissatisfied with the final mask, we welcome you to suggest up to two minor changes.
Since each Blythe doll mask is handstitched, we request approximately ten working days to complete each mask from the date your sketch is finalized.

Every custom mask created by AgafiaDolls is made in the primitive style we are known for.
Please peruse our website and/or Instagram ( ) before ordering to ensure our style is a match for your vision.

Agafiadolls reserve the right to reproduce the design and sell the mask in the future for custom orders.
If you’d prefer to have the only mask in this design, please choose the luxury - extra special option.

Our ultimate goal is your happiness and delight.
If you are unhappy with the final result, we will refund 70% of your purchase and retain 30% of the purchase price for hours worked.

Image of Pansy Blythe Mask
Pansy Blythe Mask
Image of Gingerbread Tree Blythe Mask
Sold out
Gingerbread Tree Blythe Mask
Image of Naughty Gingerbread Blythe Mask
Naughty Gingerbread Blythe Mask
Image of Smart Fox Blythe Mask
Smart Fox Blythe Mask
Image of Happy Apple Blythe Mask
Happy Apple Blythe Mask
Image of Popcorn Blythe Mask
Popcorn Blythe Mask
Image of Orange Pansy Blythe Mask
Orange Pansy Blythe Mask
Image of Agafia Dolls Gift Certificate
Agafia Dolls Gift Certificate
Image of PRE-ORDER Radish Faye Mask
Sold out
PRE-ORDER Radish Faye Mask
Image of PRE-ORDER Marshmallow Faye Mask
Sold out
PRE-ORDER Marshmallow Faye Mask
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